Oregon wines

Oregon was first introduced to vines in the mid 1800’s, but has been a significant industry only since the mid 1900’s when several Californian winemakers opened vineyards.  This included the planting of Pinot Noir grapes the Willamette Valley, one of the well known wine regions in Oregon.   Although there are several hundred wineries in the state, Oregon produces wine on a much smaller scale than the California industry, but they focus on the higher-priced segments of the wine market.  The Pinot Noir is by far the top variety produced in Oregon, accounting for about 70% of the planted acreage.  Pinot Noirs from the Willamette Valley have received much critical acclaim from wine connoisseurs and critics, and Oregon is regarded as one of the premier Pinot-producing regions in the world.

We are pleased to offer Oregon wines from Witness Tree Vineyards in Salem, Oregon.

Witness Tree

– Witness Tree Pinot Blanc

– Witness Tree Pinot Noir ChainSaw

– Witness Tree Pinot Noir Estate

– Witness Tree Pinot Noir Select

– Witness Tree Viognier