New York wines

New York ranks third in grape production by volume after California and Washington, mostly based on Vitis labrusca grape varieties.  New York State’s wine production began in the 17th century although significant commercial production only began in the 19th century.  The state has four major wine-growing regions, including Lake Erie on the western end of the state, the Finger Lakes in the west-central area, the Hudson River Region in eastern New York, and the eastern end of Long Island.  Among the several varieties well know from New York include the Riesling, Pinot Noir, sparkling wines and also hybrid wines such as the Seyval Blanc.  During the past thirty years, the increased planting of Vitis vinifera varietals has led to a dramatic increase in the quality of New York wines.

We are pleased to offer New York wines from Brotherhood Winery, the oldest winery in America.


– Brotherhood Holdiay Spiced Wine

– Brotherhood Pinot Noir

– Brotherhood Riesling

– Brotherhood White Zinfadel

Carpe Diem

– Carpe Diem Moscato Spumante

Carroll’s Mead

– Carroll’s Mead Sweet Honey Wine