Italian wines

Italy, with a population of about 57 million, consists of 20 regions subdivided into 103 provinces that take the names of prominent towns. Each province boasts distinctive foods and wines, which, needless to say, have an inherent affinity for one another. Today, in a world of ever more uniform tastes, Italians retain their customary loyalty to distinctive local foods and wines. A growing number of these authentic food products has been officially protected under European Union regulations for DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) and IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta).

The program in Italy is modeled after the successful system of wines of controlled origin, which applies to more than 300 appellations identified by the initials of DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) and DOCG (the G for garantita or guaranteed) and the recently instituted system of IGT (for Indicazione Geografica Tipica), which applies to about 120 “typical” wines throughout the country.

Italians over the centuries have pioneered laws to control the origins and protect the names of wines. This heritage is well alive today in the DOC/DOCG classification system. From Barolo and Lambrusco to Marsala and Soave, most traditional high quality Italian wines are produced in limited DOC or DOCG areas, according to strict regulations.

Italy’s glowing reputation with wine is due not only to the fact that it produces and exports more than any other country but that it offers the greatest variety of types, ranging through nearly every color, flavor and style imaginable.

We  offer the following wines from Italy:



– Collio Merlot

– Collio Pinot Grigio

– Collio Pinot Bianco

– Collio Sauvignon

– Collio Schioppettino

– Pinot Grigio IGT

– Pinot Grigio Rosander

– Pinot Nero Friuli

– Prosecco Brut

– Refosco Peduncolo Rosso

– Ribolla Gialla


Rocche Costamagna

– Rocche Costamagna Barolo

– Rocche Costamagna Barbera D’Alba


Primo V

– Primo V Moscato


Cantine Paoline

– Grillo Curgò

– Nero d’Avola Conte di Matarocco

– Nero d’Avola Gurgò

Principe Di Corleone

– Bianco

– Giada

– Il Rosso

– Nero d’Avola Narke

– Nero d’Avola Principe di Corleone



– Amadeo Chianti


– Pietrafitta Chianti

– Pietrafitta La Sughera Rosso

– Pietrafitta Vernaccia

Poggio Mandorlo

– La Querce (Merlot/Sangiovese)

– Poggio Mandorlo (Merlot/Cab. Franc/Sangiovese)



– Moletto Prosecco


– Palazzi Cabernet

– Palazzi Chardonnay

– Palazzi Montepulciano

– Palazzi Merlot

– Palazzi Pinot Bianco

– Palazzi Pinot Grigio

Primo V

– Primo V Pinot Grigio

– Primo V Pinot Noir

– Primo V Prosecco

San Rocco

– San Rocco Pinot Grigio

Santa Sofia

– Santa Sofia Amarone della Volpolicella

– Santa Sofia Amarone della Volpolicella GIEO

– Santa Sofia Soave

– Santa Sofia Valpolicella


– Valpolicella Classico

– Valpolicello Classico Superiore

– Amarone della Valpolicella


– Pinot Grigio

Villa Erica

– Prosecco