About Fleischer Wines

In the year 2000, the Fleischer brothers of Houston, Texas realized a dream – a dream that started in their hometown of Santiago, Chile and which they continued to nurture even when they moved to the U. S. some 30 years ago.  Over the years in Houston, these successful entrepreneurs developed a very sound business relationship with several large and renowned wineries in Chile.   This culminated in the founding of FLEISCHER INTERNATIONAL TRADING in 2000, dedicated to bringing fine wines to an expanding market.  Roberto and Miguel Fleischer visited many wineries in Chile and selected several to launch their enterprise.  These wineries would give them what they wanted:  excellence in wine making, consistency from year to year, appropriate quality-price relationship, and a level of service that would allow them continuous provision of fine wines to quality restaurants and liquor stores.

The Chilean wines were first made available in Houston and have gained considerable success and attention in this competitive market.  The wines are being sold at many of the finest and trendiest restaurants. Discerning sommeliers have recognized their quality.  They are now available at many retail locations and major supermarket chains all across Texas and are becoming available in other states of the US.

Subsequently FLEISCHER WINES expanded their portfolio with wines from Argentina, France, Germany, Italy, Israel and Spain, as well as from California,  Louisiana, New York and Oregon.  In addition, new wines from other parts in the world are evaluated on a continuing basis.

In 2006 Joseph Blog, a long time family friend, joined the Fleischer brothers as an equal partner. With his guidance the company added kosher wines and Israeli wines to its portfolio and now offers several varietals from Argentina, California, Chile, Israel and Italy.

FLEISCHER WINES has remained committed to the individuality and special qualities of each of its award-winning wines and is proud to provide dedicated services to its customers.

In late 2012, FLEISCHER WINES merged with Mexcor International Wine and Spirits, www.mexcor.com, and is now a division of Mexcor.  Roberto Fleischer joined Mexcor, as the Division Manager of Fleischer wines.